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Thanksgiving Nov 24 2020 For most of us, the Thanksgiving holiday will look different this year. For most of us, family members or friends outside of our immediate bubble will not be joining us around the table. So, for most of us, we’ll be missing loved ones as we sit down to carve the ThanksgivingContinue reading “Thanksgiving”


Silhouettes Nov 17 2020 When I’m not in my shed I often sit by a window in my house that overlooks a neighbor’s wide tree-framed yard, which is adjacent to a golf course. A lot of rolling green lawn in my view. And while that is lovely, and perfect for contemplation, it’s the stark, majesticContinue reading “Silhouettes”

Slowing Down

Slowing Down November 10 2020 I believe I am about to solve the problems of the world. Are you ready? We all need to SLOW DOWN. This is more than taking a beat, or pausing for effect. This is about actually slowing the rhythm of life. I think this could be monumental. Let’s start withContinue reading “Slowing Down”

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